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My parents aren't home right now.
When I want something, I go to my dad to suck-up.
My sibling / s try to get me in trouble often.
I am the baby of the family.
Both of my parents work.
My mom used to be a homemaker.
When I think of homemaker, I think of Bree from Desperate Housewives.
I have been on a school field trip recently.
I went out to eat last night.
I ate steak sometime this week.
I upload too many pictures to my computer for my own good.
I put some sort of lotion on today.
I slept in later than I should have.
I am wearing socks right now.
I wear glasses on a daily basis.
My hair is blonde or I have dyed it blonde before.
I have had some sort of highlights / streaks in my hair.
I have gone to the same hair stylist my whole life.
I am on Xanga at least two hours a day.
I like taking surveys compared to making them.
One of my eyes is currently watering.
I have short sleeves on.
I have shorts on.
There is change on my desk.
I always have a pen on my desk.
I am not even sitting at a desk.
My bed is the comfiest place in the world to me.
I wrap myself up in my covers.
I would probably be a complete cover hog.
I hate going to sleep.
I am a total morning person.
I feel like my day is ruined if I sleep it away.
I love going to sleepovers.
My nails are pretty long.
I have chipped nail polish right now.
I consider myself to be tan.
I speak more than one language fluently.
I have been out of my own country before.
I am terrified to go on an airplane.
I do not like heights at all.
I plan on going to the mall today.
I hate shopping for long periods of time.
I am craving something from McDonald's.
I am not a fast food kind of person.
I have some sort of health class in school.
I love drinking Gatorade / Powerade.
My favorite flavor in those sorts of drinks is watermelon.
I love the summer because of all of the fresh fruits.
My family often has cookouts.
I love hot dogs.
I prefer cheeseburgers to hamburgers.
I know how to operate the grill.
I am clueless when it comes to cooking anything.
I don't even know how to use a can opener.
I am sick right now.
I have a bad cold.
My closet mainly has dark colored clothes.
I only tend to wear my favorite things.
I prefer sweatpants to jeans.
I find jeans to be really uncomfortable.
My closet is very organized.
I have my clothes thrown everywhere in my room.
I wish I was in a relationship right now.
I have someone in my mind that I wouldn't mind dating.
My parents don't like my significant other.
I don't care what my family thinks of him / her.
I think I am going to move out this summer.
I feel like I am way more mature than most people my age.
College parties aren't all they're cracked up to be.
I have had way too much to drink before.
...And I made a complete fool of myself.
I have drunk dialed someone.
I have been drunk dialed.
I have a lot of money on me at the moment.
I currently have the TV on in the background.
I'm IMing a few people.
I am addicted to good quotes.
I watch a lot of TV.
I update my MySpace / Facebook daily.
Someone else has my account password.
I watched the season premiere of LOST.
I never really got into that TV show.
I don't mind blood / gore movies.
I like movies with a lot of romance.
The dishwasher is currently running in my house.
My driveway is really long.
There is snow on the ground right now.
Yesterday it was really warm outside.
I did not go to school yesterday.<----Graduated.
I have been to Wal-Mart in the past week.
I don't like shopping at Wal-Mart.
I hate dealing with crowds.
I have a trash can in my room.
It's not even close to being full.
I am starving.
I have had a lot of food to eat today.
I plan on getting a shower when I am done taking this.
I feel like I'm a lazy person.
I've had a pretty serious disagreement with someone lately.
I have kissed the same person more than 5 times this week.
My parents would freak if they knew the things I am doing with someone.
I don't want to have a significant other.
I plan on attending prom this year.
I don't like to go to dances.
I took a picture with someone today.

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(no subject)
What Did You Do Today? (Bold all the things you did. It’s probably best to do this closer to the end of the day, because obviously there’s a chance that you’ll have done more things, and will have more to bold.) Made tea / coffee. Talked to a parent. Took a bath / shower. Ate something unhealthy for breakfast. Hugged someone. Kissed someone. Told someone I loved them. Ate a sandwich. Ate chocolate. Stroked a dog / cat. Watched something on E4. Watched a film. Listened to music. Sang. Put on make-up. Worried about something. Talked to a sibling. Went to a library. Smiled at a stranger. Went on Facebook. Updated my Twitter. Did some Tumbling. Got an ask on Tumblr. Watched a YouTube video. Searched for something on Google. Read a newspaper / magazine article. Talked to my best friend. Bumped into an ex. Arranged to meet up with someone that I haven’t seen for a while. Spent time with the person I have feelings for. Had a deep conversation with someone. Walked in the rain. Neglected to do something I’d previously planned to do. Felt sick. Planned an awesome day / night out. Felt guilty about something. Felt stressed about something. Felt confused about something. Cried. Apologised to someone. Received an unexpected gift. Thought about sex / sexual things. Had a conversation about sex. Drank milkshake. Synced my iPod. Painted my nails. Went to a parent for advice. Had sex. Made plans for tomorrow. Felt happy.

(no subject)
Does it matter what brand of clothing you wear?
What’s your opinion on those high fashion models?
I don't care
Would you ever go on a reality show?
What time do you wake up in the morning on a regular school / work day?
5 am
Do you like to order things from QVC?
Never have
Do you have any online dating site profiles?
Eh, yeah.
Do you like candy or ice cream more?
Ice cream
How long will you live at your current residence?
Is taking high school / college classes online better than actual classes?
I wouldn't know
Would you ever pierce your “private” areas?
How much money do you have in your wallet or purse?
Are you emotional?
Did you want to punch someone today?
What are you wearing on your feet?
Do you miss your childhood?
Do you think relationships ever last?
Could you ever forgive a cheater?
I don't know
Are you wearing something you borrowed from someone?
Will you be in a relationship next month?
Who knows

(no subject)
Have you had sex in the last 10 days?
Did you cry at all today?
Who did you last eat Chinese food with?
When did you last talk to your brother or sister?
What are your plans for this weekend?
Well, I work on Saturday. Sunday, don't know yet.
How would you react if you found out a friend had died?
I would be devastated
Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?
Are you good at wrapping presents?
I suck at it
How much money did you spend today?
Not much
Is it awkward when you run into your ex?
Not really
What was the last song you sang along with?
No idea
What was the last thing you watched on Youtube?
A lyric video
When's the last time you went on a date?
Do you like to analyze things?
Are you hurting in any way right now?
Who'd you last say goodbye to?
My uncle
What do you hear right now?
The fan

(no subject)
Random Survey Questions:
The last person you kissed treat you right?
Would you be shocked if the last person you had feelings for texted you?
It would be surprising, because he can't text my phone because it costs money.
Is this upcoming year going to be a good one for you?
We'll find out
What if you had a baby with the last person you texted?
Who knows your biggest secrets?
I only know them
Do you care if people hate you for no reason?
It depends on the person
Are you in a good mood?
I'm content
Were you single on your last birthday?
Does it bother you when people respond with one word texts?
Are you starting to realize anything?
Did you have braces?
Have you ever ran from your own parents?
Are you afraid of clowns?
Is there someone you are dying to see?
Do you have any hickeys on you?
I don't
You just won $100,000, what’s the first thing you would buy?
Oh, there are so many things.
Are you currently looking forward to anything?
Is your hair long enough to put in a ponytail?
Is love worth fighting for?
Is there anyone you wish you could be spending time with right now?
Will this Friday be a good one?
Could you picture yourself getting married and having kids?
Getting married yes. Kids, no
What is your current mood?
Did the last person you kissed name start with a J, C, B, I, R, S, Q, L or A?
Who last poked you on Facebook?
I don't know
Is it harder to be rejected or to reject someone else?
Being rejected
What did you fall asleep thinking about last night?
Making up a story in my mind
Who is someone who puts up with you no matter what?
Last person to call you?
I don't know
Ever been told “it’s not you, it’s me?”
Do you like to take walks?
I do
Were you happy when you woke up today?
I was alright
When was the last time you cried?
I'm not sure.
Can you honestly say you’re okay right now?
What are you planning on doing after this?
Probably another survey
Do you crack your knuckles?
I do.
Will tomorrow be better than today?
Is there a girl you would do anything for?
Is there a boy you would do anything for?
Who IM'ed you on Facebook last?
What were you doing at 4 a.m.?
My mom woke me up at that time
Have you ever liked someone who treated you badly?
I have.
Are you a jealous person?
I can be
Are you someone who hates to read?
I love reading.
When was the last time you went in the car past midnight?
I'm not sure
What was the last thing you ate?
Pork chops, fried mushrooms, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese
Who was the last person to text you?
No idea
How is your hair?
Could things possibly get any better?
What color shirt are you wearing?
How important are looks to you?
A little important
Is your hair longer than your shoulders?
The shirt you’re wearing, does anyone else have it?
I am sure there other people who do
What was the last movie you watched?
Did you straighten your hair this morning?
Who would you like your next “fling” to be with?
I don't want a fling.
Is any part of your body sore?
Do you like the rain?
When I'm not in it
When you cry, do your eyes change colors?
Were your last two kisses with the same person?
Would you consider your parents to be strict?
You’re single, right?
I am
Will you be in a relationship in the next couple months?
Do you have trust issues?
I do.
Do you have alcohol in your house?
Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette?
Have you ever woken up next to someone and were freaked out?
You’re locked in a room with the person you last kissed. Any problems?
Hopefully not
Would you ever get a tattoo?
Could you see yourself dropping out of high school?
Have you ever kissed someone who smokes?
What are you listening to at this moment in time?
If you were paid 1 million dollars to spend the night in a supposed haunted house, would you?
Fuck yeah
Do you think you can last in a relationship for five months?
Did you ever kiss someone with a tattoo?
When was the last time you were at a beach?
Think back to October, were you with someone?
I was

(no subject)
Snow White: Do you consider yourself pretty? On rare occasions yes.
Sleeping Beauty: How many hours do you sleep each nigh? It depends on how tired I am
Cinderella: Do you have a curfew? No.
Rapunzel: Do you like being outside? I do.
Little Red Riding Hood: Do you trust strangers easily? No.
The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats: Are you easily fooled? No
The Seven Ravens: Do you have any siblings? How is your relationship to them? I have a brother and our relationship is good
Beauty and the Beast: What makes a person beautiful in your eyes? Someone who cares, is honest, is kind, is more curious than judgemental
The Little Mermaid: What sacrifice would you bring for love? My life if it ever came down to it
The Frog Prince: What do you find disgusting? Animal abuse, abuse in general, humanity in general
Jack and the Beanstalk: What plants are in your room? There are no plants in my room.
Puss in Boots: Do you have a pet? Do you want one? I have a cat
Rumpelstiltskin: What is the meaning of your username? There really is no meaning behind it. Just that I like Nikki Sixx
Bluebeard: Name one character flaw! I overthink things
Pinocchio: What is your greatest wish? To live a long, happy life
The Snow Queen: Who is your best friend and what would you do for them? Marie, James, David, Sarah, and Colin. And pretty much anything
The Emperor's New Clothes: Do you care much about your clothes? Not really
The Valiant Little Tailor: Do you think of yourself as brave? Sometimes
The Princess and the Pea: Are you a squeamish person? Sometimes

(no subject)
Random Survey Questions:
When was the last time you stayed at a hotel?
Last month
How’s the love life going?
Don't even remind me
Would your parents be okay with you dating someone of another race?
Do you like when friends stop by unexpectedly?
I would like that
Where are the following people and what are they doing: mom, dad, sibling(s), best friend, significant other, ex, and last person you kissed?
My mom is at her place, my dad is at home, my brother is at home, my best friends are probably at home, don't have one anymore, don't know or care, he is probably at home.
How strong are your feelings for the last person you kissed?
Very strong
What was the last thing someone else bought for you?
No idea
If your parents looked in your purse / book bag would they find anything you don’t want them to see? What about your bedroom? Do you have anything hidden in there?
How close are you to the last person you hung out with? Can you be your complete self around them?
Pretty close, and yeah
Who was the last person you shared food with? Have you ever kissed this person?
If you decided to call your ex right now, do you think he / she would answer? How would the conversation go?
I have no desire to talk to them
Are you attracted to the last person you exchanged numbers with?
Is music a daily part of your life?
Yellow nail polish: yes or no?
What do you think of country music?
Some of its alright
Do you let your fears consume you?
Why did you last bleed?
I don't know
Have you ever ended a relationship but wish you could’ve kept it a little longer?
Did you go to your high school’s graduation?
Which color: pink, blue, green, or purple?
If you could live the last three months over again, is there anything you’d change?
Who was the last person to message you on Facebook? What would you do if that person told you they have feelings for you?
Andrew. And he does.
How did you feel when you woke up today?
Who was the first person you talked to today? What did you talk about?
When you apply your make-up, do you do it in a specific order?
Did you do anything sexual last night?
Do you think the last person you Facebook messaged is a virgin?
Did any of your friends lose their virginity before they were 16? If so, did you feel pressured to do the same?
Probably. And no
Has someone of the opposite sex made you smile today?
Do you know what the person you have feelings for is doing at this moment?
Does it matter to you if your significant other smokes?
Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
No idea
Do you like where you are in life right now?
Mostly, yes.

(no subject)
Do you spell it color or colour? Color
Would you rather visit Rome or Spain? Neither
What’s your favorite Bath & Body Works scent? I don't know any of them.
UGGs or Toms Botas? Neither
Aren’t Bobs by Sketchers stupid? I wouldn't know
Are you self conscious about your nails? When they get to long, yeah
Do you like fair isle print? Huh?
Do you like The Lumineers? I don't know of them
Do you like Plato’s Closet? Eh
Are you currently wearing any bruises? I have no bruises atm
When’s the last time you fell down the stairs? Up the stairs? I have no idea.
Do you have a boyfriend? Used to
Are you bad at reading people? No.
Are you always oblivious when a guy likes you, like me? No.
Have you ever burned a color-drip candle? Ever burned a color-drip candle stuck in a wine bottle? No
What are your New Year’s plans? Don't have any
Does red lipstick suit you? I think so
Would you like to be a pilot? No
Have you ever ridden a horse? I have.

(no subject)
Have you played these games?
Pokemon Go
Tic Tac Toe
Go Fish
Truth or Dare
Capture the Flag
Mario Kart
Mario Party
Never Have I Ever
Beer Pong
Spin the Bottle
Four Square
Two Truths and a Lie
Roller Coaster Tycoon
Candy Crush Saga
Red Rover
Crazy Eights
Pac Man
Skee Ball
Slot machines
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Hide and Seek
Flashlight Tag
Ants in the Pants
Chutes and Ladders
Apples to Apples
Heads Up 7 Up
Guess Who?
I Spy
Musical Chairs
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Grand Theft Auto
Dungeons and Dragons


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